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| Take care of your skin with our latest-generation electric blackhead vacuum cleaner.

It is important to treat blackheads. When left untreated, they grow and dilate, becoming larger and larger and visible on your face.

NixyaBeauty™ removes blackheads, dead skin and cleanses your pores deep down. Thanks to a powerful suction and 5 interchangeable heads, your skin is cleaner from the very first use.

It cleanses the skin by suction and stimulates blood circulation for a soft and flawless skin.

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| Benefits

  • Skin Scrub : The exfoliating tip provides a non-invasive treatment to remove the top layer of skin and remove dead skin cells. Smoother and firmer skin and thanks to stimulated natural cell renewal.
  • Face lift : The suction cup system creates a gentle massage action that stimulates micro-circulation for a firming effect on the skin.
  • Deep pore cleansing : The fine tip is perfect for removing blackheads. It deeply removes dirt trapped in pores, reducing and preventing acne.
  • Wrinkle removal : The elliptical tip gently massages the face, stimulating blood circulation and cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines.


5 Functional heads included 


    | Easy to use

    Before use, take a hot bath or use a warm towel to warm your face. It will open your pores.

    Slowly move the unit back and forth over the area. Do not push hard on the skin and do not stay in one place for long periods of time, as this may cause red spots.

    When you are finished with the unit, take a cold towel. Put it on your face, it will close the pores of your skin. Finally, apply a moisturizer to your face.


    | Rechargeable & portable

    No more need to worry about battery replacement, our device includes a 1000 mAh rechargeable battery. What's more, its light weight and compact ergonomic design will allow you to use it at home or on the go!

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